About Us

We started fantasising on the people who take hand embroidery to next level and have so much value in their craft. We started moulding the elaborate world of sequin and formed a occasional wear label known as “AMAAVI”, with the vision of empowering hand-skills of our excellent embroiders from Sikandrabad . A global approach with our partners from UK has appreciated a lot of hand embroidery and are now exporting our products to Germany and Milan. Its a brand that doesn’t sleep, we’re 24/7 and always bringing something new with over 100 new products dropping on the monthly, bringing you the latest looks at one place.

Amaavi recognises individuality. We see you. We embrace it. We make fashion accessible and fun. Amaavi is for all the ladies out there who want to stand out.

Amaavi has represented its spring summer collection known as Psy Mayans in Asian Designer Week 2017 , Evening collection known as “Lumina” in India Couture Fashion Week 2018. Within a year of our growing sectors we look forward for Hand artistry to be valued and appreciated.

At Amaavi, we are guided by our values of passion, agility, creativity and teamwork. We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture and team spirit and we believe in operating in a fair and sustainable manner. It is important for us to run our business in a way that benefits all of our stakeholders and we seek to engage with them on a regular basis. We have a proactive programme for delivering our CSR policy which is regularly reviewed and reported upon to the Audit Committee.